C.I.P. unit

The C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place) unit is a system of tanks, piping and valves, controlled by a specific software, which takes care of automatically wash and sanitize the whole plant, including those machines hard to disassemble.
It is mostly used in plants for food production, where is requested the highest level of hygiene, for all the mechanic components and pipes dedicated to the transportation or processing of the product.

The system is constituted by different (usually three) tanks, their sizes and content (usually water, detergent and acid product) depends on the productivity of plant and what is producing. The C.I.P. unit automatically controls the washing cycles, dosing the sanitizing products proportionally throughout all the plant.

The system is designed to recycle the sanitizing products, which, after looping as many times as necessary inside the plant, are filtered and redirected into the tanks.
The MI Systems' Automatic Washing System is one of the most effective and reliable answer to the customer’s needs, as it offers an accurate and automatic sanitization of each plant’s component with ease of use.

Cleaning in place unit